The end of summer has been a great stretch for my campaign team. We’re really hitting our (walking) stride.

In between knocking on doors to introduce myself, I also attended lots of end-of-summer events throughout our city. I think the messages I’ve been sharing about common sense drug rehabilitation and bringing a fresh perspective to the court are really resonating with the people I talk with.

Along with that, I had the great honor this month to get a big endorsement from The Northeast Ohio Chapter of the Ohio Young Black Democrats. This organization drives the voice of the minority voter in Northeast Ohio and I can’t tell you how happy I am that they’ve noticed the change I’m attempting to bring to our court.

The big push is coming, and it feels great to have so much support. If you haven’t seen me around Lakewood yet, contact me and I’ll walk your street or see you at a local event.

With that, here’s a quick overview of where my team and I have been over the last few weeks.

August 22nd - Lakewood Wing Crawl

I went out and supported roughly 10 local business in Lakewood. Although I didn’t partake in the wing crawl, I stopped into a few restaurants and chatted with individuals. In fact we had a team of wing eaters supporting Taubman for Judge and the city of Lakewood. Congratulations to the winner of the Wing Crawl, Forage and the Lakewood Chamber of Commerce in throwing a great event.


(Our imposing wing crawl team.)

August 24th - Northeast Ohio Chapter of the Ohio Young Black Democrats Meeting

I had the pleasure of meeting with the Northeast Ohio Chapter of the Ohio Young Black Democrats and have the honor of being endorsed by them. Their endorsement means that my ideas and platform best represent and help minorities in Northeast Ohio. I could not be more excited to help be the voice for minorities not only in Lakewood but throughout Cuyahoga County.


September 1st - Honoring My Commitment to Better Drug Rehabilitation in our Community

September is National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month and a good time to shine a spotlight on this debilitating disease and reaffirm my commitment to all those in recovery. As I’ve stated, my pledge, if elected, is to help people get the treatment they need and deserve.

September 10th - Walking the Sweet Streets of Lakewood

I’ve been getting my steps in across our city! My Fitbit legal journey across Lakewood is my plan to introduce myself to as many Lakewood citizens as possible before November 3rd. You can follow my journey at #fitbitlegaljourney. I’m regularly taking pictures of my Fitbit to show you how far our team is walking to reach out to you.


September 12th - Meetings, Festivals and more in our Great City

This was an incredibly busy and fruitful day. Starting in the morning I had the pleasure of speaking in front of Black Women’s Political Action Committee (BWPAC). After my speech I went to the Lakewood Community Festival at Madison Park where I spoke to residents, had a balloon twister for the kids and handed Taubman for Judge swag to the masses. Even with the rain, this was still a great event and I had a great time meeting new people.

Finally, I handed my day going to the Lakewood Beer and Wine Festival. This event is thrown by LakewoodAlive a non-profit organization which does great stuff for Lakewood.