The summer sun has turned up the heat for myself and my campaign team, and we’ve spent the last several weeks meeting as many citizens as we could.

From the outset of this campaign I knew that I wanted to be the Lakewood Municipal Court Judge. With all due respect to Judge Patrick Carroll, the time for a change has come. As I’ve met more citizens of our fine city, I realize that they, too, realize that our court system is outdated.

I had the chance to write about how this antiquated court has ignored options available to curb the rampant drug problem in our city, and the post, shared in the Lakewood Observer, seems to have really struck a chord.

Thank you to everyone who reached out to me after this post and for all the people who have been supporting me. It’s been a fun ride, but we aren’t anywhere near done. I’m pumped for a push to get my plea for common sense to make a difference in Lakewood. I hope you are too.

Anyway, I thought I’d contribute to the blog with some updates on all the places my team and I went recently. Nothing beats Lakewood in the summer!

July 18 - Dog Wash

As an owner of two dogs in Lakewood, and supporter of the Lakewood Animal Shelter, we try to go to and support any local event that raises funds for the neglected, abused and abandoned animals. Today we brought Hera and Max, our German Shepherds, bathed them with the help of some awesome volunteers, and donated money to a great cause.

July 22 - Lakewood Democratic Summer Supper

Since the whole the campaign is centered around helping people and the community we donated $250 to this event and Mary and I attended. It was a great event, we chatted with fellow Lakewood democrats and Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Judges. We had blast supporting a great club and a great city.

July 28th - Cuyahoga Democratic Women’s Caucus

On the 28th of July I had the pleasure of speaking at the Cuyahoga Democratic Women’s Caucus. Even though I did not receive their endorsement, it was great to hear their perspective on what a judge could do to make an impact on women throughout the county.

August 1 - Lakewood Arts Festival

It was a beautiful day to check out local art and talk to people who came to downtown Lakewood. What a great event; this is one of the best-attended events Lakewood has to offer and it definitely showcases the best of Lakewood: great art, people, food and businesses.


**August 2nd - Front Porch Concert Series **

We went to listen to music in front of the Lakewood Library at the Front Porch Concert Series. This is a great event thrown by LakewoodAlive every Friday during the summer. In between songs and during set breaks we handed out goodies and briefly chatted with folks.

**August 6th - First Fundraiser **

We had our first fundraiser at Mid Town Booths in Lakewood. With the help of my amazing campaign committee, girlfriend, Hodge Podge Food truck and the owners of Booths, we were able to throw an amazing event.

Everybody had a great time. The support and generosity of my volunteers and the citizens who are behind what I’m trying to do is what has been driving me these past months. Thank you to all who came out and can’t wait to see everyone at our next fundraiser at Around the Corner on October 4th for the Browns vs. Chargers game. More details on that will follow in the next few weeks.


August 8th - More Events that Sparked my Drive to Win this Election

Saturday morning I spoke in front of the Lakewood Democratic Party Executive Committee for their endorsement. I knew from the beginning that this would be an uphill battle against a 25 year entrenched democrat and it was. I didn’t pass their interview and quite frankly I never stood a chance no matter what I said. Their lack of an endorsement won’t stop me from trying to help people and change the outdated system in Lakewood. In fact, this reaffirms the reasons why I’m running and only strengthens my resolve.

After the meeting, I took my dogs to meet the Cleveland Chief of Police and to celebrate Love and Equality at the Cleveland Pride Parade.

August 15th - Lakewood Kustum Car Show

Living in Lakewood really has it perks. I managed to walk to the end of my street and be in the middle of a Lakewood Kustum Car Show. This is a really cool event located in the Uptown area of Madison, showcasing a wonderful area of our city.

August 16th - Lakewood Park Summer Concerts

Lakewood Summer Concerts at the Lakewood Park were a great event. We listened to an assortment of different bands and handed out goodies to people in attendance during breaks from the music and dancing. I loved the music almost as much as loved chatting with everybody there.