Wow, what a crazy few weeks it’s been!

We knew the heat would turn up this summer as we made our push toward election day in November, and my team has really stepped up to the challenge.

In the last 30 days we’ve been all over Lakewood - had the privilege of walking in the July 4th parade - and continued to talk with concerned citizens of our great city who want more from their municipal court.

We’ve got a lot more in store for the next month - including our first fund raiser at Mid Town Booths Lakewood on August 6. But for now, I wanted to share a quick recap of all things things we’ve done in the last four weeks.

Here’s what my team and I have been up to.

June 18 - Judge Orientation Seminar

I hopped in the Taubman For Judge mobile and drove down to Columbus for a new judge orientation seminar. I listened to a few speakers lecture about the do’s and don’ts when running for Judge in Ohio. What I learned was that my campaign manager and treasurer are brilliant, and on top of every statute, code and law relating to running for a political position. I couldn’t be in better hands for this campaign!

June 21st - A Day with Dad

I took a day off of the campaign trail to spend father’s day with the man that bestowed the drive to help people in me, my father, Bruce. It was a great day, we grilled out and chatted about the campaign, life and lots of nothing at all. As hard as we’ve been working on the campaign, nothing matters more than family!

June 27th - AFL-CIO Meeting

I went to the North Shore AFL-CIO Federation of Labor Union headquarters where they were kind enough to to put on a workshop to educate individuals running for political positions about unions and how one would go about receiving the union endorsement. It was great chatting with Mayor Summers and other Lakewood candidates and elected officials, and learning more about Unions and why people should support them.

July 2nd - Campaign Meeting at Merry Arts

The campaign committee got together to finalize the plan for the 4th of July. My team did a great job organize all the volunteers, locations and hand outs. In return, I caught everyone up on my meetings around town and kept them happy with as many Merry Arts tacos as they needed!

Every meeting we have is efficient and outlines the next month of campaigning and fundraising. I’m so proud to work with a team of volunteers that believe in what we can do together to make Lakewood better.

July 4th - Parade and BBQ


The 4th July Parade couldn’t have worked out any better. It was a great day to salute our country and our freedom, and we were honored to walk with so many great organizations.

The Lakewood parade is great for families, and we knew this, so we made sure as many kids got candy, Frisbees and footballs as possible. We were honored to have more than 25 volunteers with us - including a local Batman and his Batmobile! I shook as many hands as I could and spoke to as many people as I could. Everybody offered words of support and encouragement. The parade was the boost this campaign had been looking for to push us toward the stretch. Afterwards, the campaign volunteers and their families all get together for a BBQ, which was great. We shared a lot of laughs, a wonderful spread of food and talked about our next steps.

The parade wouldn’t have worked out as great as it did without the generosity of the volunteers and my committee. I’m so thankful to have their help as I pursue this dream.

July 10th - Front Porch Concert

The Friday Front Porch Concert Series in Lakewood, run by LakewoodAlive, is a great family and pooch event. I went down with my two dogs, Maximus and Hera, and we had a blast meeting people and talking about how I want to improve Lakewood through my plans in the Municipal Court. We plan to be at these concerts every Friday. As a citizen of Lakewood, I want to extend a huge thank you to Lakewood Public Library and LakewoodAlive for sponsoring these concerts.

July 11th - Summer Meltdown


Lakewood has great community events all summer, and the meltdown is high up on my list. I attended the event with friends and had the chance to speak with vendors, officers and friends. I also Watched the 5k and met many residents of Lakewood. I can’t wait to do this event next year.

What’s Next

As I mentioned in the top of the post, we’re having our first fundraiser at Mid-Town Booths on August 6. It will be from 5:30 to 8:30 pm and we’ll have all kinds of entertainment and food. If you’d like to join us, you can purchase tickets online or email us at You can keep up with the event page on Facebook as well.

Beyond that, the rest of July and August will be busy for us. We’ll be doing more Hot Dogs for Hot Dogs events, the car show and the Lakewood Art Walk. Beyond that, my journey of 1 million steps begins, as I attempt to walk every street in Lakewood before election day… but more on that in my next post.

Thanks for reading and thanks for helping me push my dream to help Lakewood, Ohio, become an even better place for us all!