The campaign has been going great so far!

I’ve been all over town since the last blog I shared, meeting and talking with Lakewood residents of all ages and backgrounds, and have been learning about what changes they would like to see in the Lakewood Municipal Court. My goal is to hear what they think I can do if elected to make them and their families feel safer. I always ask what citizens think we can do to help Lakewood blossom. As the campaign continues, I can’t wait to hit the pavement, knock on doors and introduce myself to every possible resident of Lakewood.

In the last few weeks, my team and I have been enjoying the often beautiful (and occasionally rainy) Ohio weather.

Here are a few places I’ve been. Add this to my late-April and Early May schedule, and I feel like I’ve been to half the places in Lakewood!

Sunday, May 17th

I met with the Cuyahoga County Democratic Party. We discussed my campaign, ideas and why I’m seeking office. They informed me how their endorsement process works. Whether or not I receive the democratic endorsement, this was a great process and incredibly insightful. They do a great job representing the Democratic Party in our fair city.

Wednesday, May 20th

I went to two fundraisers. The first one I went to was at Rozi’s Winehouse in Lakewood, Ohio. This one was for the current Mayor of Lakewood, Michael Summers, who is up for re-election this November. There I had the pleasure of introducing myself to his Honor and the rest of the individuals there. It was a great turnout, I enjoyed chatting with everybody there.

After the Mayor’s fundraiser, I went to Mark Schneider’s fundraiser at Vosh in Lakewood. Mark is running for Lakewood City Council in ward 3. Like the Mayor’s fundraiser, this event was a good time. I introduced myself to tons of people and chatted about local politics. I wish both of them luck in the their upcoming races.

Thursday, May 28th

I had the pleasure of attending and speaking at the Lakewood Democratic Club’s meeting. My speech went well and the feedback I received was very encouraging and helpful. It’s always fun for me to share my ideas with existing officials and others running for office this November. We have much to learn from each other.

Sunday, May 31st

I attended Beckfest which is a festival fundraiser for the Beck Center of the Arts in Lakewood. I talked to the majority of the individuals behind the success of the Beck Center and got to catch up with my friend Chris Hodgson who volunteers his time for Beck Center events. My girlfriend Mary and I are big supporters of the arts and were glad that we got to attend this event.


Saturday, June 6th

Meet the Trucks is a kid-driven event at the Lakewood Park. Local trucks of all sizes are brought out for the kids and parents to look at, interact and play with. I may not have kids, but that didn’t stop me from checking out these cool trucks, hanging out with supporters of the campaign and laughing with them as their kids pretended to be firefighters. This event brings out the inner child in everyone, and that is a good thing!

Sunday, June 7th

We went to taste of Lakewood, this has become the go-to event in the past years and showcases all that is Lakewood, Ohio. It was great seeing people wearing my campaign shirts and not only supporting me but great Lakewood businesses and restaurants. Great job Lakewood Chamber of Commerce, you put together an outstanding event, embodying all that is Lakewood.

Sunday, June 14

Last but not least, we did another Hot Dogs for Hot Dogs event at Lakewood Dog Park. Animals are very important to me and my family, and we love showing our support for this wonderful park. We do this event monthly and give hot dogs to, well, hot dogs. OK, we mostly give the dogs water and treats. But their well-behaved owners can have a hot dog and soda in the shade with me and our campaign volunteers.


We will be hard on campaign trail again over the next month. Like our facebook page for updates, come have a hot dog with us at our next Hot Dog for Hot Dogs event or maybe we’ll see you at the 4th of July Parade.

Thanks for your support!

Brian M. Taubman