What a blast the campaign has been so far! I’ve met countless amazing people throughout Lakewood who have made this march to Lakewood Municipal Court Judge a truly enjoyable experience.

The feedback, the questions and the love of Lakewood from it’s citizens, all play into why I’m running and why I will continue to meet as many people I can at every possible event.

My team and I have been all over town the last few weeks. Here’s a look at what we’ve been up.

Tuesday, April 21st.

What a nerve-wracking day. I turned in more than 430 signatures of registered Lakewood voters who want and deserve change, believe in my ideas, drive and dedication. I waited until the end of the work day and found out that my hard work for the past four months paid off when I officially made the ballot for the general election for November 3rd, 2015. I could not be any happier.

Thursday, April 30th

I attended the Lakewood Democratic meeting where I introduced myself to people, shook hands with many incumbent Judges, including the current Judge of Lakewood Patrick Carroll. I listened to Judicial candidates speak as well PG Sittenfeld, Candidate for U.S. Senate. I will be present at the next meeting on May 28th, where I will briefly speak to the members.

Tuesday, May 5th

I had a meeting with my campaign Committee to outline the Month of May and future campaign events. This Committee is composed of people from Lakewood and people who have previously lived in Lakewood who believe in me and love Lakewood. We’re currently moving the meeting around local locations and will pick a headquarter building in Lakewood this month.

Thursday, May 7th

I went to the ‘Welcome to Lakewood’ event at Garfield Middle School where I introduced myself to over 50 organizations located in Lakewood. The majority of these organization are trying to better the city as well as its citizens. In addition, I chatted with new residents and asked them what they would like see in their local municipal court.

Saturday, May 8th

I stopped by one of my favorite places in town, Vosh, to support Pressure Magazine. This is a local startup in the magazine business created by a few of my friends and located in Lakewood.

Tuesday, May 12th

I went to the Westshore Bar Association Meeting. I chatted with local lawyers and judges about the affairs of not only Lakewood but the west side of Cuyahoga County.

Wednesday, May 13th

I attended ‘Exploring the Legend: Is Equality Alive in Lakewood’ at the Lakewood library. I listened to the conversation and asked the panel what our legal system can do to help promote equality and protect those who are discriminated. I found the meeting educational and thank Lakewood Alive for putting it on. I believe these conversations about diversity are what makes our city so great.

Thursday, May 14th

I visited Lakewood’s own Around the Corner to support the Lakewood Animal Shelter and the neglected and abused animals of all of our surrounding communities. I plan to be the voice of those who can’t speak if elected judge.

Saturday, May 16th

The Committee and I went to the Lakewood Dog park where we grilled hot dogs, gave our canine friends treats, and chatted with people. We’ll do this monthly throughout our campaign. Starting with our next event, we’ll be raising money for the Lakewood Dog Park in addition to our campaign work.

I can’t wait to see what the next few weeks looks like. To keep up with where our team will be, like my Facebook page to get updates. If you’d like to join us on our mission to make Lakewood a safer, more vibrant and thriving community, shoot us a note at taubmanforjudge@gmail.com. We’ll also keep posting on here as we go.

I hope to see you soon on the campaign trail!


Brian M. Taubman